Teambuilding with Magic

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Teambuilding with Magic

Magic Teambuilding

Teambuilding with magic
Employees will learn some Magic Tricks before performing in groups. The challenge is to show a trick in the most entertaining way.

This can be done with small tricks. If the budget is small, or you can use magic sets with printed company logo.Magic sets gives the participants a reminder of a fun day at work.

Participants learn to work together and think differently. It happens at the same while having fun and everyone gets an insight into the world of magic.
The  companys employee gets better to present something together.

Note: Team building is priced according to content and scope based on 2 x 45 minute sessions.

Book Robert and learn skills and techniques that are remembered and used for many years – simply because it’s unforgettable.

Through a high level of engagement, tools are generated and tested so they can be used for immediate action. This results in long-term, sustainable results.

Emphasis is placed on humor, creativity and communication skills
It’s important to have good colleagues, and be  happy in the workplace, team building strengthens ties between employee through cooperation and communication.
It helps to give job satisfaction

Tear out a couple of hours out  from the calendar and dedicate them to team building for your department.
in an experience and learn to act for obstacles while being introduced to the magic world where anything can be done.
When you have to work together to make a splendid performance, it create a closer relationship and strengthen the relationships of your team.
Teambuilding is a great way to create unique and exciting experiences together
Experiences that you will remember the rest of your life.